Teen Council 

Teen Council is an enduring Planned Parenthood peer education program that inspires and trains teens to become effective and passionate sexuality educators and advocates. Currently in 13 states and 35 communities, Teen Council members are educating their peers, families, and schools about being safer and healthier.  Together we are working to create the healthiest generation ever!

The Peer Education Institute

The Peer Education Institute (PEI) mission is to empower teens to make healthy decisions about sexuality and relationships through peer education. PEI prepares, supports, and certifies replication partners across the country to successfully deliver the Teen Council peer education program in their community.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is committed to building a robust, national network of young leaders and arming them with the tools needed to create change through a range of national campaigns, conferences, and leadership opportunities. Furthermore, this unique network acknowledges and supports the dynamic perspectives and intersectional framework that young people are using to connect reproductive health to other issue like civil rights, immigration, the environment, and identity politics.